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A community to claim your true love!

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love is all that i can give to you;
Welcome to ismylove. This is a livejournal community for claiming the one person you hold dear to your heart. Girl, boy, superhero, magician. As long as they're fictional, they're acceptable. So what are you waiting for? Onto the rules!
love is more than just a game for two;
01 You claim one person. Sharing characters is prohibited. Once a character has been claimed, that's it. Done deal. Don't go pestering that person to change their claim.
The only time you may claim that character is if the user is dropping their claim.
02 When claiming a character, use the proper tags. It should have it's category, then the fandom name. For example: tv show: gossip girl or movie: titanic. If you're making a post to drop a claim, same process, but put dropping in your tags.
03 Claims must be fictional characters. This may change in time though.
04 To show you read the rules, put "I love you, [claim here]!" in your title.
05 Somewhere in your journal you must have your claim added visibly. Failure to do so will result in your claim being taken down. During activity checks, the same will be done to dead journals. You'll have time to re-claim though the following week.
06 Posts are moderated for organization and to ensure being added to the list.
07 When claiming a character, you are claiming all incarnations of that character. For instance, say someone claims Bruce Wayne from Batman Begins, they are also including the comic form and any other movie forms the character has been in.
take my heart and please don't break it;
This is the format for your post!

The claims list: (A-N) and (O-Z)

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